Darth traya mods

At the doors to the Trayus Academy, the Lord of Hunger makes an appearance. The Sith Lord Nihilus has come to drain the force of those who wish to enter the Academy. Defeat Nihilus here to find the Core. Gain Unbreakable Will for 1 turn. This unit may only use this ability once, but an additional use can be gained by defeating Menacing enemies.

It can take multiple attempts to finally put together a run like this. Crit damage triangles on all but R2D2 and BB-8 health for survivability. Typically ignore the adds. Resistance Trooper special on Darth Nihilus to try and land an expose.

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Otherwise, use her basic on a side toon Sith Assassin or Sith Marauder. Occasionally use on someone other than BB8 to keep them alive. She assists all the time and heals super quick.

BB-8 Has foresight capability and protection recovery through ID. If you have his Self Preservation zeta, he will heal on evade. Rey Jedi Training Has foresight capability and high health steal. Rey Scavenger Has foresight capability and decent health steal. As Nihilus retreats into the depths of the Academy, a new foe shows his face in the Sparring Room. The seemingly unkillable Lord of Pain is now on the offensive and seeks to destroy all who would try to stand in his way.

Remove all stacks of Cycle of Pain and Cycle of Suffering from this unit. A combo of RT and Rey should give the best possible damage, however adding in R2D2 over one of them will give way more consistency. But if you can make it work without R2D2, you would have him for later. Darth Sion is seemingly defeated, left lying in the Sparring Room.

The Lord of Betrayal, Darth Traya, comes forward to destroy those who would defy her. Using any ability damages all allies.Deal Special damage to target enemy and Daze them for 2 turns. Traya inflicts all debuffs on allies to target enemy for 1 turn. If any debuffs were inflicted, reduce the cooldown of Saber Storm by 1. Deal Special damage to target enemy and inflict Tenacity Down for 2 turns. If Traya has full Health, deal damage an additional time and inflict Ability Block for 2 turns.

If the target is buffed, deal damage an additional time and inflict Healing Immunity for 2 turns. This attack can't be Evaded. Dispel all buffs on target enemy, increase their cooldowns by 1, and inflict Isolate on target enemy until another enemy is Isolated or Traya is defeated. Isolate can't be copied, dispelled, or resisted. This attack can't be evaded or resisted.

Isolate: Can't gain buffs; can't attack or gain positive effects out of turn; allies can't attack or gain positive effects during this unit's turn Raid Bosses: Can't gain buffs; characters damaging this unit gain Critical Damage Up and Health Steal Up for 1 turn.

This damage can't defeat enemies. Arena Rating : Based on role, speed, damage, survival, and utility ratings, depicts relative unsynergized strength of a hero on a relative scale. Survival : Survival is rated based on expected mitigation against physical and special attacks, resist rate, and first turn self heal. Evasion rate is also included. Utility : Utility is rated based on the sum of utilities provided by abilities a hero possesses.

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Remove Ads. Darth Traya Sith support who punishes enemies for relying on others Power Speed Health 37, View Deceptive Strike Mechanics. View Saber Storm Mechanics.

darth traya mods

View Isolate Mechanics. View Compassion is Weakness Mechanics. View Lord of Betrayal Mechanics. Raid Gear 4.There, she discovered the Trayus Academy and turned to the dark sidebecoming a Sith Master. Eventually, Traya was overthrown by Sion and Nihilus, who stripped their Master of her connection to the Force.


After having been exiled by both the Jedi and Sith, she held an abhorrence of how both Orders were used by the Force to its own ends, and began to consider how she might rid the galaxy of its influence forever.

Traya saw Surik as having the potential to bring her purpose to fruition, and took it upon herself to "rescue" Surik and retrain her in her own views. Even as Traya orchestrated a Jedi purgeshe continued in her attempts to mold Surik—and those she traveled with aboard the light freighter Ebon Hawk —into her own image.

When Surik met with the Masters, Traya revealed her identity as a Sith Lord, and severed the Masters from the Force killing them in the process while in the Enclave's remains. After Surik redeemed Atris and participated in the battle above Telos—in which she vanquished Darth Nihilus - Surik journeyed to Malachor V to confront Darth Traya, dueling and ultimately killing her in the depths of the Trayus Academy.

The majority of the early life of the Human female Kreia is shrouded in mystery. However, it is known that she was a Jedi historian[2] and that she had worked her way to the rank of Jedi Mastertraining many students.

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Kreia's eyesight went unused as she depended on meditations, attempting to penetrate the galaxy's mysteries. For decades, she challenged her students with difficult questions, such as whether a lightsaber was still a lightsaber if it lost its power, or if a Jedi was still a Jedi if she lost her Force powers. Her fellow Jedi, who called her teachings "Kreia's conundrums", viewed them as quaint, but Kreia's students were mystified.

One of Kreia's Padawans was a highly gifted Jedi who eventually became known as " Revan ". However, her teachings, were looked upon with concern by the Jedi Council. Revan then made up his mind to openly defy the Council. By the end of her time with the Jedi OrderKreia's students were believed to be failures by Jedi Master Atris and the Council, because they followed Revan into the Galactic Republic's war against the Mandalorian Neo-Crusadersand either fell to the dark side or abandoned their training.

The Council denounced both Kreia and her teachings. After Kreia was exiled by the Jedi for her role in training Revan, [2] she began to question her beliefs, and silently withdrew from the Order taking Jedi who followed her teachings with her. Kreia was eventually drawn to the Force echoes of the Sith world Malachor Va nexus of dark side energies and part of the ancient Sith Empire.

On the surface, Kreia found Darth Revan's former stronghold, the Trayus Academyan ancient dark side praxeum that contained the deepest and most intimate secrets of the Sith. She encountered Sith assassins left by Revan, but rather than attack the Jedi Master, they presented Kreia with Sith hermetica. The Sith manuscripts that Kreia used the Force to read through intimated that the truths of the cosmos were not intended for the sane.

Kreia believed that the manuscripts' authors were pureblooded descendants of the ancient Sith species. The Sith sorcerers claimed that they had privileged insight into secret realities, arguing that even though the contradictory and aimless nature of existence appeared obvious to all intelligent beings, awareness of the Force exposed this obvious "fact" as a lie, further stating that the Force betrayed Force-sensitivesmaking them live in a compromised, chaotic universe—to live the lie.

As much as she wanted to denounce them and their arguments, she fell under their seductive spell, and became Darth Traya, the Lord of Betrayal.

From that moment, she firmly believed that Revan had never "fallen" to the dark side, [2] and that a greater cause had come that called for certain actions to be done. Intent on continuing Revan's legacy, Traya re-established the Trayus Academy to train, convert, and create a generation of Sith who would act as a gadfly to the Republic.

darth traya mods

Because she came to the remnants of Revan's Sith Empire as his former Master, the remaining Sith troopers pledged their fealty to her. She began to hunt for Force-woundseventually discovering Darths Sion and Nihiluswho were interested in rebuilding the deteriorating Sith Order.

However, as time passed by, the Sith Lords' ideals became divergent. Traya underestimated her pupils' depravity. After she taught Nihilus the ability to devour entire worlds, and after Sion started to grow weary of her teachings, the apprentices plotted against her.Home Discussions Best Of New player? Check out the new player index. Prev 1 2 3 4 Next Go. February 26, PM. If the target already had Pain, Dispel all debuffs on Sion. Then, inflict Pain on all enemies for 3 turns.

darth traya mods

Then, reduce the cooldown of this ability by 1 for each enemy without Pain. This attack can't be Evaded. Sion gains Hatred until he is defeated, which can't be Dispelled or prevented. This ability starts on cooldown. When Sion inflicts Pain, reduce the cooldown of this ability by 1. At the end of each turn, Sion inflicts Pain for 3 turns on enemies who damaged him that turn.

He provides cover for his allies while not completely sacrificing himself, taking only as much damage as will benefit him and his Triumvirate allies. Darth Sion is capable of lasting a very long time thanks to his unique buff, "Hatred," which allows him to revive and increase his damage output considerably. In addition to being a bruiser, Sion establishes control of the fight and serves as a strong foundation to anchor the defense of any Sith squad.

When used with the full Triumvirate, he can use "Held by Hatred" extremely quickly, and becomes a menace on the battlefield.

Darth Traya

Additionally, when Sion inflicts "Pain" on his enemies, he'll not only deal bonus damage to those enemies, but it reduces the cooldown of "Held by Hatred," ramping up his damage and allowing him to attack more often. How will he be released??! February 26, PM edited February A good end to a good month! Is that the Sith Raid prize toon, I wonder?!? Marquee yeah I thought it would be legendary event fewwwww. Oh my god he is playable do you think he is viable.

Try instant Meta Problem for most folks is that he's a marquee character. So getting him up to a reasonable star count will be difficult unless you want to shell out a few hundred dollars.

His kit looks ridiculous but it's a pipe dream for me personally. He could be viable at 2 or 3 stars. Time will tell.Home Discussions Best Of New player? Check out the new player index. Prev 1 2 3 4 Next Go. February 27, PM edited February Traya inflicts all debuffs on allies to target enemy for 1 turn. If any debuffs were inflicted, reduce the cooldown of Saber Storm by 1. If Traya has full Health, deal damage an additional time and inflict Ability Block for 2 turns. If the target is Buffed, deal damage an additional time and inflict Healing Immunity for 2 turns.

This attack can't be Evaded. February 27, PM. February 28, PM. Nice animations. Kit looks good too. This is the weapon to surpass metal gear She's like god mode. Question: are leader abilities in any form prevented from boosting Isolated enemies? Health steal isnt on that buff list. I would like to clarify who this damage is done to And if it is done to the sith target, can it kill.

Her basic throws the debuffs on the enemy, is it one of each or could she throw 15 of Vader's dots right back in his face? Now we wait for her to appear in Platoons. February 28, PM edited February Jeepers that's some nice Sith there. We're all going to die. I believe I have died and gone to heaven, they captured her character perfectly. OP as heck but I don't care.

She looks pretty cool.Yolemba ndi: ljcool April 27, Ngakhale sindikunena kuti ndili ndi mayankho onse mu masewerawa, ndikuchita kafukufuku wanga ndipo ndagwiritsa ntchito toon iliyonse yomwe ndimalemba zambiri. Darth Traya, woumbidwa ndi Mzinda wa Darth ku Gaming-fans.

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Popanda Traya, ndinapeza utsogoleri wake wovuta kuti usakhale wodabwitsa, koma wapamwamba. Pankhondo za Squad Arena ndinatha kuwononga magulu a RJT ndipo ndikupitiriza kuyesa magulu ena a Sith kuti amve bwino zomwe ochita masewera ambiri adzalandire ku Arena atatha kutsegulira ndi kumumenya. Chimene ndapeza ndichoti gulu lililonse losakhala la Traya liyenera kukhala losavuta kugonjetsa ndi Traya pa gulu lanu. Komabe magulu ena omwe ali ndi Darth Traya, monga a Squad Arena, adzapitiriza kukhala achinyengo ndi kuchita.

Kuyikira Kwambiri: Kuthamanga ndi njira imodzi, koma Darth Traya wokhathamira akhoza kukhala wowawa. Popeza amakhalabe mtsogoleri pafupifupi kugwiritsa ntchito kulikonse kwa Traya pamasewera masiku ano Territory Wars, Grand Arena, etc. Potency amathandizira Darth Traya choyambirira komanso chake Saber Storm Kuukira kwapadera kukuchitika pang'onopang'ono, pomwe Offense akuwonetsetsa kuti agunda kwambiri.

Character Strategy - Darth Traya

Ngati mukupita ku Darth Traya wamatanki osafuna kuthamanga simukufuna kuthamanga ndipo m'malo mwake onjezani tenacity kwambiri kuti apewe kusokonezedwa. Pafupifupi nthawi zonse pa gulu lomwe limaphatikizapo Darth Nihilus ndi Darth Sion, ndimaona ngati udindo wa Traya siwoposa wawowonongera monga izi zingafotokozere.

M'malo mwake, mu Kukweza kwa Relic kwa Tric ziwopsezo, akupeza kupulumuka kwakukulu Health, Armor, Resistance and Crit kupewaance pamodzi ndi kuwonongeka kwapadera komanso kuwonekera kwapadera monga ziwopsezo zokhazokha, kotero izi sizikuwoneka kuti zikugwirizana.

Darth Traya ali ndi zida zowoneka bwino - zabwino kwambiri pamasewera pa nthawi yoyambira iyi. Zotsatira zake ndimalimbikitsa kugwiritsa ntchito ma mod omwe mungapeze pa Traya kuti awonetsetse kuti si wabwino, koma wabwino.

darth traya mods

Ndikupangira magawo awiri a Potency mods ndi seti ya Ma mods azaumoyo omwe ali ndi ziwonetsero zabwino kwambiri zachiwiri zomwe mungapeze pa Darth Traya. Dziwani: Kutumiza, Kutengera ndi Ma-Bus-mod mods ndi zosavuta kwambiri. Sungani dzina langa, imelo, ndi tsamba lamasamba asakatuli patsamba lotsatira ndikadzayankha. Tsambali likugwiritsa ntchito Akismet kuchepetsa spam. Phunzirani momwe deta yanu ikufotokozera. Tiyeni tiwone zomwe timapereka pazinthu zabwino zoganizira ma mods a Darth Traya.

Kusiya ndemanga Kuletsa reply Anu email sati lofalitsidwa.Posted By: ljcool March 21, While I do not claim to have all of the answers in this game, I do my research and have used every toon I write about extensively. These are mod recommendations and they are certainly not the only option. However we look to help players maximize their characters in SWGoH and we are always open to feedback if you have a mod setup that works well of your gameplay.

Since that time he emerged as the boss in Phase 1 of the Sith Triumvirate Raid and as part of the Triumvirate in Phase 4. I ran my Nihilus at speed when he first came out and continued to put more on him to ensure he stayed up with the new Sith META in While both are super important — Speed and Health — I will recommend Speed as the main focus.

If all are debuffed, a random enemy then gets a DoT. Then, at the start of each turn Nihilus inflicts Health Down on the enemy for 2 turns when the Zeta material is used.

Thus, some Potency is definitely going to be helpful. One area to focus would be Tenacity, as a Stun, Ability Block or other debuffs on Nihilus would make the use of the Annihilate attack more difficult to progress to. Survivability is also important, as while Nihilus is a pretty tough toon, adding defense, health and protection just makes him harder to defeat.

While I do not disagree with these as very, very important, having a very high Health number is very important as well. While my Nihilus has a Health, Potency and Tenacity set, here is my ideal setup for Darth Nihilus provided you have awesome Speed secondaries available.

Im using Nih as a lead and need a mod guide built along those lines. Of course I assume as much potency protection and speed.

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But I would like an experts opinion. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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